Restoring the shine to fiberglass - Time and exposure eventually erode the relatively soft surface of gelcoat, if your GRP boat superstructure and/or hull has become dull, chalky or oxidized it may require a machine polish followed by professional hand wax to restore, rejuvenate and protect the gel coat.

Alternatively simply wax, for boats that have not sustained UV damage and can take a straight wax. Protect the gel coat for another season, bring back the shine and restore the colour of your craft with a focused professional hand wax for either GRP or non-GRP.

At Boat Mate we stock a range market leading compounds and waxes, 3M as a popular choice. Please ensure that you specify your preference when making a booking.

Machine Polishing Services Available

• Full external clean

• Full machine polish of the hull, superstructure or both

• Expert application of high quality boat wax to seal and protect the finish

• Detail of Superstructure