Our experienced Boat Mate staff can restore old and tired looking wood finishes not only improving the appearance but prolonging its life.

Renovate your treasured teak deck. Due to the decks constant exposure to weathering, salt and water in time what was once a beautiful golden teak floor can become bleached and dull looking. Teak decks whether they are thick or thin are prone to grey/green discoloration. Furthermore they can become slippery with the growth of algae or mould. Restore that original magnificence, protect it and admire!

Teak Renovation Features of Service

• Gently but effective deck cleanse to remove surface dirt and stains

• Personal assessment of teak to understand the level of chemical required.

• Fully biodegradable products available.

• Professional application of top quality teak restoration products.

• Entire area resealed with specialist sealer.

• Our clients will be asked what colour finish suits them and their craft. Selection of colour tones washed white to golden glow is available.

Boat Mate would like to advise our valued customers that teak decks that have been treated with oil are less penetrable by cleaning and brightening products. Therefore one would expect the finishing result to be of a darker to black surface tone.